2020, Development terminated.
A ServiceNow application to register visitors, order services for them, and link them to services. This application is completely reservation agnostic, for which reservation they are visiting, so it can link to any application with reservations. Build with a companion Android App, 4Visitors. Development was terminated in early 2020, due to other application having higher priority. Later the project was integrated into the official ServiceNow Workspace Service Delivery module per this announcement.

What Should We Play On Steam

2019, Publicly available at, source on Gitlab
When I wanted to play some games with my friends, often the question of “what game should we play” would come up. I found a site that would randomly give you a game ( but only for one user. So we would start asking each other “do you have X” or “feel like playing some X” for half an hour, trying to find a good game to play. So I decided to make a site that would do just that, find a game we should play.

The site consists of two parts, a VueJS front-end and a NodeJS back-end which communicates to the Steam APIs. However, even during initial development I found out that the Steam API’s were quite slow, with response time upward of a second. So I had to add some form of caching, I did that using Redis.

After adding the first layer of caching, I also added another layer of caching for the finding of games everybody has.

So it now caches player ID lookup by “vanity URL”, player game list, and multiple player common game lists. Luckily Redis provides an easy solution that kills cache entries after a while, so I didn’t need to worry about the server using too much memory. What should we play on steam?


2019, Development terminated.
An Android app build in Kotlin to register and check-in visitors. Has a dashboard for reception workers, and a kiosk mode for visitors to check them self in. Companion to Visitors4U, see it for more details.


2019, Available in the ServiceNow store.
A CI/CD integration for ServiceNow. Integrated with the source-control of GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Integrated with the build/pipeline of GitLab, and Jenkins.

Rooms4U Outlook add-in

2018, Available in the ServiceNow store.
An Outlook add-in to book rooms using Rooms4U. Built with an Angular 6 front-end, and a C# ASP.NET backend.


2017, Available in the ServiceNow store.
Roadmap visualisation tool in ServiceNow build on ServicePortal technology. Developed for the U.K. Department for Work & Pensions and ING. Old Roadmap4u design

Konektis dashboard

2017, Available to customers (deprecated).
An ASP.NET Core dashboard for the online CRM synchronisation system Konektis. Konektis dashboard

Rembrandt F&O App

2017, Internally published.
An Xamarin.Forms mobile app, with an ASP.NET back-end, prototype for bankers to manage and maintain relations with customers. Developed for Rembrand F&O.

Donpl App

2016, Internally published (deprecated).
An Xamarin.Forms mobile app for the Donpl platform, for as a student project for the HvA.